Why TF do Broke Single Mothers Expect Pity?

Moon Bastet
4 min readJun 12, 2022
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Yes, I really did ask this question.

I ask this question because I just don’t understand.

Life happens. I get that. Many variables create our realities and sometimes, we hit setbacks. I get that. There are times though, when setbacks are a choice.

Let me make it plain.

If you ain’t got shit, and your guy ain’t got shit … why the fuck would you have a little broke ass baby?

Did you catch that?

This isn’t the 1950s.

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Marriages are not working out the way that they used to. Men are walking out on women and children with no shame. They don’t have those ol’ skool Catholic Italian homies like the ones in Goodfellas that told buddy, “you gotta go home”. They can walk the fuck out and nobody will bat an eye.

Moral sense of duty … well, what the fuck is that!?

Men are starting multiple families these days … and finishing none of them. There is always the (very) high probability that a woman will have to raise her children alone.

Hell, even when in the house with a man many women are raising their children alone.

Statistically, married families can afford children … more often than not, so for you unmarried woman … what the fuck are you doing?

  • Is the sex that good?
  • Does the man look that great?
  • Do you really believe that your part-time Walmart holiday job is going to be enough to raise this man’s child alone after he marries the woman he really wanted to begin with?

When do we start, as women, being honest with ourselves?

The world we live in is not the one Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine told us about!

Ain’t no Prince coming to save you, Ms. Mommas.

You will have to get it for yourself.

You may even have to get it out the mud, so why add a baby to your still uncertain load … and many of you actually add plenty…



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