The World Devalues Women the Moment they Age or Gain Five Pounds

Women are Diminished in the Eyes of Admirers the Moment they Tip the Scale

Moon Bastet


Movie Star, Elizabeth Taylor in 1954 — Harpers Bazaar, Feb. 2017

Sometimes, women age or gain weight — even “beautiful women”.

I know you’re shocked, but pick your jaw up off the floor and hear the rest of this.

Have you ever paid attention to the reaction the public hurls at “beautiful women” who gain weight, fall ill, or age?

It’s disgusting!

Women are immediately devalued and diminished in the eyes of male and female admirers the moment they tip so much as five pounds over their “preferred weight”, whatever that may be.

Any woman out there that has gained one pound beyond “her sexy weight” *side eye* knows just what I mean.

Suddenly, you are flat out invisible to men.

You may be “forgotten” when party invitations roll around, some “friends” may make cracks, some romantic interests may become distant memories. Yes, this is the shallow society we live in, at least when it comes to women.

In the meantime, some middle-aged man gains thirty-pounds, buys a truck, and starts wearing big hats or boots, and he’s just re-branded himself as, “Big Poppa” and the entitled party that is his life continues.

Marlon Brando as “Vito ‘Don’ Corleone” from the 1972 film, “The Godfather”, Vanity Fair, Oct. 2021

If you don’t believe me, just look to Hollywood.

Do you remember the fall from grace the “formally beautiful” *eye roll* Elizabeth “Liz” Taylor took after gaining weight and suffering the health crisis’ that are often associated with liquor and pill addiction?

Suddenly, top tier movie role offers weren’t as plentiful and the public “lost interest” in the violet-eyed beauty’s plight passed the scoffs of tabloid reporters and melodramatic sighs followed by the phrase, “Poor Liz”.

It was as if the lady died … again. *frown*

On the other hand, Marlon Brando was cast as “Vito ‘Don’ Corleone”, one of his best and most…



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