The Poisonous ‘Black Male Gaze’ has Reduced Black Women to Chattel

To the Misogynistic Black Male Collective — the Black Woman is a Slave to be Hypersexualized, Dehumanized, Degraded, and Discarded

Moon Bastet
7 min readMar 7, 2023
Photo by Kaysha on Unsplash

“This struggle has created a black male collective in need of black women who will succumb to their need for mental domination and sexual annihilation … at the black woman’s costs.”

Without a word, the Black Male Gaze strips black women of all that they are.

The dehumanization is present for black women everyday. It is present in the vile vehicle that rap music has become.

It is present in our community, family, home, church, school, job, and relationships.

Everywhere a black woman goes, black men will make it clear that they believe that she is less, period.

Where does this misogynoir stem from?

This misogynoir stems from a black male collective that is not “allowed” to establish their manhood in a white male patriarchal American system that dominates this country and all of its inhabitants.



Moon Bastet

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