The Narcissist-Drenched Dating Scene is a Dark Energy Pyramid Scheme

“Dark Love” Based in Backwards Sentiments about Nothing, Materialism, and Sexual Exploitation has Become far Too Prevalent

Moon Bastet


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The funny thing about the current Narcissist-drenched dating scene (yes, I said it) is the way many of these self-absorbed folks date, or even make friends for that matter. It’s crazy. The truth is that many of the darker personalities among us are dating as if life, love, and people are no different than the tools needed in lackluster pyramid schemes.

Isn’t it obvious?

How often do we here of people that are literally placing, “the highest bidders” at the top of their “personal dating hierarchy”? It’s sad, but I’ve seen it. These are the folks that aren’t dating for personal connection but for some form of “donation” to their bullshit. The person that spends the most money, sends the most texts, accepts the most abuse, is easiest to control, or most eager to pass out unearned sex will always land at the top of the pile. In fact, when speaking of lovers as toxic as these it may be fair to assume that the person they love or experience connection with will surely be left at the bottom of the list.

This “Dark Love” based in backwards sentiments about nothing, materialism, and sexual exploitation has become far too prevalent, and why wouldn’t it?

It’s the message being promoted in much of the music. It’s an ideology that is sure to destroy the world and slow down reproduction … but maybe, just maybe, somewhere with someone that’s the goal for humanity, right?

Naaah …

… or is it?

Either way, the Dark Triad of Personality Traits have become far too widespread and I would love to see an end in sight.

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