Stop Demonizing Intelligent Black Women

Intelligent Black Women are regularly accused of Luciferian Levels of Egocentricity, Arrogance, Pride, and High-Mindedness

Moon Bastet


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“If, by chance, she is bold enough to be “smart out in front of people” she will be accused of being Satan herself.”

Every intellectual, creative, or gifted black woman has been accused of arrogance, a huge ego, or “self-importance”. I am sure of it. There is something about brown skin and an intellect that doesn’t show clear signs of delay, stutter, stagger, or fuzz that just rubs America the wrong way.

There are certain spaces that black skin just isn’t welcomed in, and “smart” is one of those spaces, and it isn’t just that you’re black, it’s just as offensive that you’re a woman.

None of us can deny the reality that intelligent women are often single longer than others and bullied, by men mostly, that insist that these women are masculine, arrogant, aggressive, and lacking in sex appeal.

Intelligence in a woman is the ultimate anti-aphrodisiac, universally speaking. An intelligent woman is quietly expected to, at the very least, keep their intelligence in the silence of their own minds so that men don’t have to be rendered flaccid by the sound of it.

If, by chance, she is bold enough to be “smart out in front of people” she will be accused of being Satan herself.

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“These targeted or isolated black girls grow up to be targeted or isolated black women that deal with consistent bullying …”

An intelligent woman is the heel of societal existence and if she is also black she is out of line, out-of-pocket, delusional, haughty, confused about her position in society, a bitch, and a whore. (I just threw whore in because we all know it’s coming.)

How dare a black woman know what she is talking about out in a public space??



Moon Bastet

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