Mid-Life Rule #1: Never Marry a Dead Man

Womanizers Party Pass their Prime and Marry Women they Believe Can Pick Up the Pieces

Moon Bastet


Photo by Fey Marin on Unsplash

“He’s Forty-Five, but he still parties like a Hip-Hop Star.”

Be honest, you know a man that made the decision to “stay in the streets” far beyond his prime. He is still a regular in nightclubs when he’s Forty or Sixty damn years-old.

If he bothered to get married, it was for selfish reasons. Womanizers never marry for selfless reasons. This guy is married and still frequents every singles event, bar, chat, and group that he can without hesitation. He would never allow a marriage to conflict with his social life. *side eye*

He’s Forty-Five, but he still parties like a Hip-Hop Star.

His friends, or fellow womanizers, have all moved on (well … most of them).

They retired that part of their lives, met someone amazing, and got married.

They enjoy being home. They hate loud music now. They enjoy chill nights with their children watching HULU or challenging them in video games. They could give a damn about the lifestyle they once lived.

… but, we can’t say the same for their played out homeboy though!



Moon Bastet

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