Men Despise Women with Standards

Women with Standards: the Witches of the Dating Game — Persecuted, Harpooned, and Branded with a Scarlet Letter

Moon Bastet
5 min readAug 1, 2023
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“How dare you have standards, girl?”

Yes, that’s right.

He already knows you’re quality and with quality comes expectation.

Being your boyfriend or husband carries a lot of weight. You’re a heavy hitter and a man needs to be fully prepared and of the Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali champion levels to step into the “wear my ring” with you.

In 2023, many men want to live “the soft life”. They have no interest in dating and marrying up socially, and in this new era, there are far too many men and women that see this as an acceptable attempt at adult partnership.

Women with high expectations are the new witches by their damn selves!

They are persecuted, harpooned, and branded with a scarlet letter.

How dare you have standards, girl?

Standards hurt men’s feelings. Don’t you know that?

This is why you’re single “Woman with Standards”.



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