Medium Dethroned … its Own Writers, HUH??!

Moon Bastet
2 min readOct 17, 2023

Rule Changes and Funding Withdrawal Make it Clear that there is No Partnership between Medium and its Writers

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It is obvious that Medium is far from the Writer Appreciation and Partnership Platform that it once was, and who knows why that really is.

It would make very little sense to have a platform built on writers writing that offers a royalty-based incentive only to basically demonetize the platform overnight with a series of rule changes that seem to explain nothing and go nowhere (and some mumbo-jumbo about an algorithm doesn’t cut it). *side eye*

At this point, Medium has reduced itself to little more than an adult replica of “My Magic Diary” — with no one, not even the up and coming writers, really getting the opportunity to feel a part of something that appreciates their energy while also offering energy in return.

Who knows, apps like these often feed AI. Maybe it is no longer being used for that so all of us writers are no longer needed, valued, are of use (like all the other real singers, dancers, painters, and the rest of humanity apparently).

No matter the reason, it is clear writers usefulness on Medium … has worn out.

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