Marriage is Often a Detriment to Women — Where are the Alternatives?

Moon Bastet
3 min readJul 14, 2023
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With Women’s Rights movements being so prevalent and women climbing the ladder in so many aspects of life and the economy, especially in the West, why aren’t there more marriage alternatives to choose from? Isn’t the whole Patriarchal “woman as indentured servant for life” marriage thing played out yet?

Shouldn’t it be one of many options by now? Aren’t there other ways to create a family contract in the works yet? Are Women’s Rights going to remain this low of a priority?

It’s 2023. Where are the marriage alternatives? Where are the additional contract options? Is there any reason that polygamy, polyandry, or “Declaration of Family”, isn’t a thing?

Yes, I made that one up.

It would be nice if one could be declared family (given certain rights) for a period of time. This may be a great option for a woman with a child who would like to offer rights to her child’s father or some other member of her child’s paternal family, and vice versa.

Whatever the agreement, traditional marriage included, why aren’t these contract and licenses up for renewal every few years like Driver’s Licenses or State Identification cards? Respect people’s right to individual happiness. Allow folks the option to sever these contracts every so many years.

No one should face the grim reality that at times they will feel “trapped in partnership” just because they once believed in their relationship.

No one should feel obligated to want to live the life they wanted to live twenty-five-years ago either. It’s great if they want to, but they shouldn’t be faced with a daunting threat of years of financial strain and legal work just to get back to life as a single without extreme economic hardship.

Also, I bet a lot of folks would get their shit together if they knew they would have to go up for “renewal” every three to five years. *eye roll*

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