Being a Woman Doesn’t Mean You are Supposed to Suffer for a Man

Insecure Men are Living for the Spiritual Death of Women

Moon Bastet


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Patriarchy ensures that there are “mandatory energetic partnerships” surrounding womanhood. There always has been.

  • There is ‘womanhood & chastity’.
  • There is ‘womanhood & obedience’.
  • There is ‘womanhood & motherhood’.
  • is ‘womanhood & nice’.
  • There is ‘womanhood & trauma’.
  • There is ‘womanhood & suffering’.

These relationships between the preconceived biblical and societal notions of what it means to be a woman are ridiculous. They are worthless and based in misogyny; however, no one seems to be letting them go fast enough.

There is still the idea that women are made to suffer in relationship to the condition of men. In society, it is perfectly acceptable that women are considered akin to indentured servants in marriage — taking on a man’s last name, doing his laundry, cleaning the family home, acting as primary parent, and working a 9-to-5 outside of the home. No, this isn’t every home, but traditionally, it is.

We won’t even step into the dark world of domestic violence statistics. Women are being beaten black and blue and even killed in the home, and in abusive African-American households, this is 4xs as likely to happen to black women.

In dating, men are playing head games, dating games, and many other abusive narcissistic games that often leave women in tears, traumatized, or fucked and forgotten. Yes, I said it, and for those of you that are male sympathizers, the idea that men trash nice women in favor of women that “put out” is as old as time itself, so spare me.

Hell, we can go back to a Black & White classic film like “Splendor in the Grass” (1961) starring Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood to see just how far down this “boys being boys” behavior” can drag a woman’s mental health.

A woman in tears is a woman conquered, controlled, subdued, and suffering. For those childish and immature males that are incapable of adult relationships, this is often the goal — to see a woman suffering, unfocused, stressed, and sleepless.



Moon Bastet

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