How To Change the Narrative: Elevate Your Social Status

Moon Bastet
3 min readJun 15, 2022
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Elitism is a Social Construct.

It is not relegated to wealth, education, struggle, employment, etc. Elitism can just as easily be associated with an attitude of snobbery or distinction. You can acquire that.

You can attend social events that place you in circles with people of a different pedigree than yourself. You can dress well and in taste of a culture of “higher distinction” than your own. You can become well-versed in different themes of etiquette.

You can read books on wealth, charm, aristocracy, royalty, cosmetology, nobility, collegiate behavior, femininity, the fine arts, luxury living, etc. You can self-educate. You can change your own narrative. You can shift your social standing. This is by mere birthright. We are entitled to do this.

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Nobody has to succumb to their surroundings. Nobody has to accept their environment. Nobody has to struggle to reach a mindset, social circle, or air of elitism.

Having a higher standard, knowing that you are worthy of a higher standard, knowing that excellence of character doesn’t take struggle, is something we can stand in entitlement and claim — period.

This is why books like, “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill are still relevant almost one-hundred years after initial publication.

Understanding that we can break hypnotic rhythms and reset and reclaim who we are at our core by simply gaining knowledge of self and demanding from the atmosphere what we desire from the universe — free of struggle or persecution, would set, literally entire generations, free.

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Instead, we see women, in American society and beyond, that actually believe they are only worthy of being whoever their immediate environment has suggested, through subtle programming and repetition, that they should be.



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